We departed from Detroit, MI on July 31st 2007 and Ended up in San Francisco. CA a few days later

Benefits of Ammonia

* Note: Our test vehicle is a Gasoline and Ammonia "Duel Fuel System(TM)“.

1. Costs less to fill up your tank. Ammonia is lower in cost than gasoline.

2. 100% Ammonia powered vehicles emit no greenhouse gases. None! No CO2 or CO. The only exhaust is pure water and nitrogen gas. Our NH3 Car using a mix of gasoline and ammonia dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Car & Truck engines designed specifically to operated on ammonia fuel are more efficient than even the best gas and diesel engines of today, this means more miles per gallon for all future vehicles.

4. Liquid Ammonia is used for agricultural fertilizer in every state in the US and is already manufactured and transported in huge quantities. In fact, it is the fourth most transported commodity in the US.


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