We departed from Detroit, MI on July 31st 2007 and Ended up in San Francisco. CA a few days later

Who We Are

Donald E. Gillespie, CEO

As a post WWII physicist Mr. Gillespie performed pioneering work on the maser and later laser technology, founding several laser manufacturing organizations. He also first commercialized holography in the mid 1960’s. After retirement, while working on renewable energy solutions, Gillespie suggested the uniform operating scheme for simple dual fuel ammonia conversion of spark ignited internal combustion engines.

Shawn Grannell, PhD., Chief Scientist

Dr. Grannell performed his doctoral thesis work at the University of Michigan in the area of dual-fuel ammonia stoichiometric operating space of spark ignited internal combustion engines. Grannell fabricated the NH3 Car, and piloted it on its cross country trek.

Casey Stack, President

Stack a serial entrepreneur, brings 25 years of hi tech business finance & development, as well as international project management to the NH3 Car project team. Stack serves as a Director of the Ammonia Fuel Network (AFN) and former Director and Technical Committee Chair of the International LDA, as well as service on numerous international boards and committees.


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