We departed from Detroit, MI on July 31st 2007 and Ended up in San Francisco. CA a few days later.

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America's transition to renewable energy faces a huge challenge. Oil shortages, pollution and the cost of gasoline make our continued reliance on the internal combustion engine problematic, and electric cars just don't have the range to be a viable option for everyone. The NH3 Car is designed to meet that challenge. NH3 (which is the chemical name for ammonia) can be used as a fuel. It is 100% free of any carbon emissions or other greenhouse gases. NH3 can serve as a fuel in both spark ignition engines (vehicles powered by gasoline) and compression ignited engines (vehicles powered by diesel). We focus on spark ignition (gasoline) engines. (Other design teams are working on using ammonia for diesel engines. You can find those folks on our links page.)

This web site is designed to keep you up to date on the progress of the NH3 Car. After years of development, in the summer of 2007 we drove our NH3 vehicle across America, from Detroit to San Francisco, powered by a mix of ammonia and gasoline. (OK, well it is really a truck, but it could just as easily be a car in the future.) Why a mixture....how does it work....what does this mean for America's energy future?

That's the story we'd like to share.

NH3 Car's trip across America

To demonstrate the simple practicality of running gasoline vehicles on ammonia as an alternative automobile fuel.


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